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July 15, 2016 – Thomasville Fire Rescue will begin testing fire hydrants beginning Sunday, July 17, 2016. The process to test more than 1,000 hydrants located throughout Thomasville will take approximately one month to complete.

According to Fire Marshal Tim Connell, testing hydrants annually is vital. “Performing flow testing on our hydrants on a regular basis ensures that they will work properly in the event of an emergency,” he said. “Because we perform flow tests annually, we know that we will have the water we need to respond to fire calls.”

Fire Marshal Connell said that citizens may notice a temporary difference in their water quality as a result of the hydrant testing. “The process may disturb sediment in pipes, but it is only temporary. We just caution citizens to be sure they allow their water to run briefly until it is clear before using.”

Thomasville fire hydrants are inspected twice annually; TFR performs flow testing in the summer and then performs minor maintenance and painting in the late winter. “This gives us the opportunity to inspect our hydrants twice. It also ensures we meet ISO standards.”

The Insurance Standard Office, or ISO, mandates various standards related to the fire service. Regarding hydrants, the ISO requires that hydrants be tested at least once per year.

Hydrant testing will begin on the east side of Thomasville, in the area of Glenwood Drive to Old Monticello Road, beginning this weekend. The testing is expected to conclude mid-August.