West Jackson Street Corridor

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The City of Thomasville conducted a two-day workshop in March 2016 to study the West Jackson Street corridor between Pinetree Boulevard and Madison Street. The corridor is the primary gateway to the downtown area from the southern city limits and is the first view of Thomasville that travelers entering the city via U.S. Highway 319 South encounter.

During the planning session, the team considered key principles, including:

  • Traffic volume, flow, and capacity through the corridor
  • The identity of West Jackson Street, its aesthetics, and function as a gateway to the community
  • Connection to the Community Trail
  • Choices for vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic

Click here to view the West Jackson Street Complete Street & Through Lane Reduction Project Traffic Study.

Project Highlights

  • Creation of a more pleasing corridor into the city limits of Thomasville with landscaped corridors and medians placed intermittently into the downtown area
  • Pavement reallocation to incorporate one travel lane per direction with intermittent spot medians that will maintain safe left-turn access
  • Bike and pedestrian access to the city’s Community Trail, including the development of a shared use path
  • Proposed development of a two-way separated bike lane to facilitate bike travel along the corridor.
  • Maintenance of parallel, on street parking in sections
  • Intersection improvements to provide safe crossing for bicyclists and pedestrians

Project Facts

  • Project will be conducted in multiple phases
  • Phase I will involve sidewalk finishing and striping
  • Proposed is $750,000 for Phase I and funded by SPLOST
  • Ultimate completion timeline will depend upon funding and public feedback throughout project