Thomasville Regional Airport Current Projects

Apron Joint Seal Project

The apron joint seal project will prevent erosion under the existing apron. Per the Federal Aviation Administration request, we are also removing two apron stubs that provide direct access to the runways, which will increase airport safety.

Corporate Hangar Construction

The Thomasville Regional Airport is excited to announce that we are expanding our number of corporate hangars to accommodate the growth in current corporate aviation operations on the field and in response to future tenant requests for available space. This opportunity to serve both current and future home-based aircraft tenants and transient aircraft customers will help to increase the long term revenue potential for Thomasville through lease agreements and increased fuel sales.

Runway Extension Project

The runway extension project has been completed.

Runway length and condition will determine the size and type of aircraft that can land there. The Thomasville Regional Airport has four runways that enable approaches from either end with charted precision and non-precision approaches to Runway 22. Currently, the charted approach runway is 5,498 ft. long providing adequate takeoff and landing for most corporate aircraft throughout the year. However, during hot and humid days, and during times of inclement weather, the runway lengths do not provide adequate distances for some of our corporate air traffic to make a safe takeoff or landing, resulting in a deviation to another airport and a loss of revenue for Thomasville. By providing an additional 500 ft. of usable takeoff and rollout distance our customers will be able to operate safer in and out of the airport during periods of unfavorable weather. As a side benefit the runway extension will allow those aircraft that could potentially take on additional fuel during periods of good weather to do so enabling Thomasville the opportunity to sell additional fuel.