Planning Department

Kenneth Thompson
City Planner

111 Victoria Place
P.O. Box 1540
Thomasville, GA
(229) 227-4118

During the late 1800s Thomasville served as the terminus for the railroad, providing direct access to the north, and becoming known as the “Winter Resort of the South.” Downtown and surrounding traditional neighborhoods were constructed. Vast plantations on the outskirts of town brought economic investment and ensured a compact and flourishing city.

Planning was always at the forefront, allowing Thomasville to represent the best of Southern urbanism and hospitality with the lavishness of the resort lifestyle. The community works hard to guard and preserve the area’s long-standing tradition of cultural and economic diversity. Just as it took great planning to create Thomasville in the 19th century, it takes great planning to protect that history while moving the city into the 21st century.

The Planning Department is responsible for preserving and enhancing existing communities within the City of Thomasville, while promoting new places of character that are both time honored and meaningful. Such characteristics are in keeping with the tenants of the new urbanism. New urbanism promotes the creation and restoration of diverse, walkable, compact, mixed-use communities. These are composed of the same components as conventional development but assembled in a more integrated fashion to reflect complete cities, towns, villages, and neighborhoods - the way communities have been built for centuries around the world.

The Planning Department oversees all planning and design activities including:

  • Visioning and design at the regional, sector, corridor, neighborhood, and lot level.
  • Zoning using both conventional and form-based principles.
  • Development Review
  • Housing
  • Historic Preservation
  • Sustainable Initiatives