No Solicitation Registration

The City of Thomasville has created a “no solicitation” list to allow City of Thomasville residents to avoid contact with door-to-door salespeople or canvassers. The ordinance establishing the list was passed by the Council of the City of Thomasville, so it can only be enforced within the city limits of Thomasville.

If a solicitor comes to your door after you have signed up for the list, you can call the Thomasville Police Department at (229) 227-3249 or (229) 226-2101, and a police officer will be dispatched to your neighborhood. Small laminated signs which read “No canvassers, solicitors, or peddlers invited” are also available, free of charge, from the City Clerk.

If you would like to add your name to this list, please complete the information below. For additional information, please contact Felicia Brannen, City Clerk, at (229) 227-7016.