Report a Utility Outage

If you are a City of Thomasville Utilities customer and would like to report an outage with your Electric, Water, Wastewater, Natural Gas, or CNSNext services, please contact our Utilities Response Center at (229) 227-5499. Customers may also report Electric outages using Tville TextAlert (see below). All customers that report a utilities issue will receive an automated response from the Utilities Response Center once the given issue has been resolved.

Click here to watch a short video about your electricity, utility outages and power restoration.

Please click here to report non-emergency utilities issues.

Thomasville Text Alert logo

Tville TextAlert allows City of Thomasville Utilities customers to report electric outages and receive updates on outages through text messages on their mobile phone or device. Tville TextAlert is a free service offered by the City of Thomasville for utilities customers. Normal message rates and data fees by your phone carrier may apply.

Click here to learn how to sign up for Tville TextAlert.

Customers signing up for Tville TextAlert from their mobile phone or device who receive a message that their location could not be found are asked to call Customer Care at (229) 227-7001 to verify that their mobile number is entered into the Outage Management System correctly.

Once you’ve signed up for Tville TextAlert, simply text these commands to 229-227-5499 to report and inquire about electric outages in you area.

  • Text TVILLE to opt in to the Tville TextAlert
  • Text OUT to report an electric outage
  • Text STATUS to learn the status of your outage
  • Text STOP to opt out of the service
  • Text HELP for a list of command words

Click here for more information on Tville TextAlert.

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