We all shape the city we live in, and one of the best ways you can take part in your community is by getting involved! Participation in government is a privilege that all citizens share in a democracy. Almost anyone can participate in the operations of local government. Taking an active role in your community's local government is a form of service to others, and you can get involved in a variety of ways. Here are just a few ways you can truly engage.


Sadly, many local elections have very low voter turnout. Local elections sometimes include referendums, which are general votes on single political questions, which can be included on the ballot of general elections or brought to ballot on their own. Take the time to be informed of when local elections are occurring in your community and exercise your right to vote. To find out additional information on registering to vote, click here.


The best way to be informed of what is happening in your community is to attend meetings. You can access a full meeting calendar here. For your convenience, City Council meetings and work sessions are live streamed. Click here to access the live stream.


Citizens have numerous opportunities to serve the community through various boards, commissions, and authorities. Click here for more information about citizen boards and authorities.


In addition to citizen boards and authorities, many informal committees for specific projects are formed as needed. If you have an interest in serving on a committee or citizen board, please complete the request form here.


We have several ways you can stay informed about your local government.