Citizen Boards & Authorities

Citizens have numerous opportunities to serve the community through various boards, commissions, and authorities.

For information about Thomasville's boards, commissions and authorities, please contact the City Manager's office at (229) 227-6987.

Airport Advisory Board

Current members: Charles Gainey, Jay Flowers, Mark NeSmith, Wilson Carraway, Marty Willis, Dudley Lewis

The Airport Advisory Board is responsible for making recommendations to the City Council on matters of operations, safety and policy that affect the commercial and private users of the Thomasville Regional Airport. This board assists in insuring concerns of airport users are communicated to the City and likewise that information regarding City plans and programs are disseminated among all commercial and private users.

Meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of every other month. This Board consists of six members. The members each serve a four-year term and are limited to two consecutive terms.

  • 2 locally elected officials
  • 2 commercial airport users
  • 2 hangar lessors

Architectural Review & Zoning Appeals Board

Current members: Janet Liles, Mark Parker, Carol Biggs, Alison Knox, Jason Harpe

Members should be committed to historic preservation and the overall appearance of the downtown Thomasville area. This board is also responsible for administering the distribution of facade grants which are available through the Main Street Program.

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. This Board consists of five members, each serving a three-year term.

Building Contractors Examining Board

Current members: Ray Finger, David Dunn, Brad Hinson

The Contractors Licensing & Building Board of Appeals is responsible for evaluating the qualifications of contractor license applicants, determining if the license of the contractor should be suspended for violation of City ordinances and to request the Chief Building Official to investigate any complaint made against a contractor. This Board is responsible for hearing appeals to the Southern Standard Building Code. The Board may authorize, in specific cases, variances from the terms and regulations of this Code.

Meetings are held as needed. This Board consists of five members, each serving a four-year term.

  • City Manager
  • Chief Building Official
  • 1 architect/engineer
  • 2 general contractors or engineering representatives

Destination Thomasville Tourism Authority

Current members: Clay Campbell, Michele Arwood, Merrill Baker, Nathaniel Abrams, Carol Whitney, Eric Ward, Greg Hobbs

The purpose of the Destination Thomasville Tourism Authority is to increase area tourism and tourist dollars while providing a quality tourist experience.

Meetings are held quarterly. This Board consists of seven members, each serving a four-year term.

  • Mayor as Chairman
  • Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce
  • 4 appointed by the City Council
  • 2 owners, operators or managers of tourism related business
  • 2 citizens
  • 1 appointed by Thomas County

Downtown Development Authority

Current members: Len Robinson, Bert Hodges, Gary Tucker, Allen Lockerman, Bill Ponder, Scott Rich, Don Sims

The Downtown Development Authority is responsible for promoting the economic development in the Thomasville downtown business district.

Meetings are the second Thursday of every-other-month at 9 a.m. This Board consists of seven members, each serving a four-year term.

  • 7 business owners or downtown residents

Historic Preservation Board

Current members: Spencer Young, Matt DeLarber, John Hand, Sara Thompson, Ian Quinton, Ephraim Rotter, Gina Shumake

The Historic Preservation Board is responsible for establishing the designation of historic properties or districts, issuing Certificates of Appropriateness for property owners within these designated districts and to provide for an appeals process to the Thomasville Historic Preservation Ordinance.

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. This Board consists of seven members, each serving a three-year term. Board members are limited to two consecutive terms.

  • 1 architectural representative
  • 1 construction representative
  • 1 real estate representative
  • 1 related discipline
  • 3 citizens

Main Street Advisory Board

Current members: Cadence Kidwell, Ali McKay, Mary Lawrence Lang, Pam Butler, Whitney White, Charlie Whitney, Bert Hodges, Rhonda Foster, Jay Flowers

The Main Street organization espouses “Downtown Economic Development within the context of Historic Preservation.” The Main Street Program follows the “Four Point Approach” of Design, Organization, Promotion, and Economic Restructuring, which work together to build a sustainable and complete community revitalization effort.

Meetings are monthly and held on the first Tuesday of each month at 8 a.m. at the Main Street Office.

  • 3 members serve a 1 year term
  • 3 members serve a 2 year term
  • 3 members serve a 3 year term

Payroll Development Authority

Current members: Don Sims, Mark NeSmith, Eric Ward, Rodney Deese, Stephen Cheney

The Payroll Development Authority is charged with expanding and developing industry in the City of Thomasville and Thomas County.

Meetings are held the fourth Monday of each month at 8:30 a.m. The Board consists of five members, each serving a three-year term.

  • City of Thomasville Mayor (or designee)
  • Thomas County Commission Chairman
  • Thomasville/Thomas County Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman
  • 2 local banking representatives

Planning and Zoning Board

Current members: Harry Rayford, Haile McCollum, Ken O’Neil, Rosemarye Boykins, Jeremy Rich, Debra Underwood, Mark Lowe, Dr Annie McElroy, Scott Chastain

The Planning and Zoning Board has been created to enable the City of Thomasville to overcome problems in which public input is advisable; to engage in orderly planning for the wise conservation of historic and natural resources; and for the growth of business enterprises providing new or expanded job opportunities throughout the community.

Meetings are the first Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. The Board consists of nine members, each serving a four-year term.

Thomasville-Thomas County Land Bank Authority Board

Current members: Greg Hobbs, Don Sims, Merrill Baker, Zippy Vonier, David Cone

The Land Bank Authority is an intergovernmental agency organized under Georgia state law. This Authority permits cities and counties to acquire problem properties in order to foster the public purpose of returning property, which is nonrevenue generating and nontax producing, to an effective utilization status in order to provide housing, new industry, and jobs. It seeks to transfer properties back to responsible ownership and productive use in accordance with local land use goals and priorities for community revitalization.

The Land Bank Authority consists of five members:

  • 2 City Council members,
  • 2 County Commissioners
  • 1 at-large member

Meetings are generally held on the first Wednesday of the month at 11:00 am at the Housing & Resource Center, 125 Lester St.

Thomasville-Thomas County Recreation Advisory Board

Current members: Terry Hurst, Octavian Jordan, Russ Beckham, Dr Jim Story, Richard Reynolds, Jay Flowers, Matt Bennett, Forrest Sumner, Kevin Vick, Margie Massey

The Thomasville/Thomas County Recreation Advisory Board is focused on ensuring that the leisure needs of the entire community are addressed and met. This Board conducts studies and provides recommendations to the City Council on leisure activities, programs and improvements on short and long-range needs of the citizens in the Thomasville area. Recommendations are made by this Board to the City Council on budget appropriations for programs and park facilities.

Meetings are held monthly. This Board consists of ten members, each serving a three-year term.

  • 4 representatives appointed by the City of Thomasville
  • 3 representatives appointed by Thomas County
  • 2 representatives appointed by the majority of small town Mayors
  • 1 representative appointed by the YMCA Board

Tree and Landscape Board

Current members: Pam Long, Matt Dukes, Andrew Sawyer, Wallace Goodman, Pam Wright, Joey Barrow, Willie Mitchell

The purpose of the Tree and Landscape Board is to educate the public as to the economic and aesthetic benefits of trees and landscaping to the City of Thomasville and its citizens on both publicly and privately owned property. This Board promotes the care, fertilization, protection, and other measures desirable for the health and growth of existing trees in City rights-of-way.

Meetings are held as needed. This Board consists of eight members, each serving a two-year term.