Ways to Save

Who doesn’t like to save money in their monthly budget? The City of Thomasville offers several programs to help you budget smarter and spend wiser.

Budget Billing

Budget billing allows you to pay a set amount based on the average of your annual utility usage, making it easier to budget your utility bill. Enrollment is held twice yearly for this program (April and October). We send a midterm statement after six months to inform customers of their account balance and reconcile after a year. At that time, your actual usage is calculated and you are billed for any difference or issued a credit if your usage has decreased from the budget billing amount. For example, if your budget billing period begins in May, you will receive a midterm letter in October, and reconcillation would take place in April.

Budget Billing is only available to residential customers with a minimum of 12 months of continuous service at the same location. Accounts must be current with fewer than two returned checks within the past 12 months. Previous credit history is also considered for this program. To apply for the Budget Billing program, please complete the application available here.

CHIP Grants

The City’s ongoing 2016 CHIP (Community HOME Investment Program) grant offers rehabilitation assistance to qualified low-moderate income homeowners who live in the designated target area. The program helps homeowners repair their homes so that the house meets basic building codes. Grants are in the form of a 0% deferred payment loan with no payments due so long as the owner remains the primary occupant of the house. Click here for more information about the CHIP Grant program or call (229) 227-3306.

Free Energy Audits

Energy Checkup logoSometimes saving money on your utility bill can be as easy as changing your thermostat settings or adding additional insulation to your attic. The City of Thomasville is happy to provide a free energy audit upon request to help you identify the ways you can save energy and lower your utility bill. Energy audits take approximately one hour to complete. Click here to schedule a free energy audit or contact Customer Care at (229) 227-7001.

Helpful Energy Tips

Making some adjustments around your home can make a difference in your monthly utility bill. Take a look at these tips below for some affordable and easy ways to save money on your monthly utility bill.

Helpful tips to cut your energy cost

Natural Gas Rebate Program

Please click here for information about our Natural Gas Rebate program.

On-Bill Financing Program

The On-Bill Financing Program is a revolving funding program designed to improve energy efficiency in the State of Georgia. It provides low-cost funding to residential homeowners for the purchase and installation of energy-efficient equipment and home energy efficiency improvements. The On-Bill Financing Program can be used to supplement current rebate programs or special promotions. Funds are available for residential homeowners that receive electric service from the City of Thomasville. Funding will be made available for the following activities:

  • Purchase and installation of EnergyStar qualified appliances, including:
    • Refrigerators
    • Freezers
    • Clothes washers
    • Dishwashers
    • Water heaters
  • Purchase and installation of EnergyStar qualified central heating and air conditioning equipment and systems, including:
    • Central electric air conditioners and heat pumps
    • Natural gas furnaces
    • Programmable electronic thermostats (in conjunction with new equipment listed above)
  • Home weatherization services, including:
    • Installation of insulation
    • Air sealing and caulking
    • Duct sealing and insulation

Click here for more information about the On-Bill Financing Program.