Street Banner Request

The City of Thomasville has 2 designated locations to hang banners: the corner of Broad Street and Smith Avenue and on Mimosa Drive, near the hospital.

  • Broad Street at Smith Avenue: This location can accommodate two (2) different banners at the same time.
  • Mimosa Drive: This location is reserved for hospital use, unless the hospital approves an exception in advance.

Banner reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis, are dependent on available space, and must be pre-approved by the City of Thomasville before they can be hung. Banners cannot contain lude or explicit language or imagery. The City of Thomasville reserves the right to decline any banner requests.

Banners may hang for two (2) weeks at a time. Once a banner is taken down, it must be picked up from the City of Thomasville Administrative Building, 111 Victoria Place, within ten (10) calendar days. Banners will be hung and removed within 3 business days of the requested date. Banners left for longer than thirty days may be thrown away.


Banners must be vinyl and 34 inches high and from 24’ to 30’ in length with clips that will fit a 5/16 guide wire. Banners must have wind slits to allow for air flow. Strings or other attachment methods are not permitted. The City of Thomasville does not provide banner hanging clips and cannot make alterations to your banner.


There is a $100 installation fee to hang approved banners. This fee must be paid in full before a banner is hung. Payments can be made at the Cashiers Department located at 111 Victoria Place or over the phone by calling 229-227-7001.