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Thomasville Fire Rescue will soon launch new technology that will enhance the response from public safety personnel to calls for help from Thomasville citizens. Community Connect, provided by technology partner First Due, is an online application focused on protecting residents and their property in the most effective way possible. This secure and easy to use platform will allow residents to share critical information about their household in order to help first responders and emergency service personnel to respond more efficiently and effectively to incidents that occur in their homes and during times of major disasters.

“When answering residential calls for assistance, there is often critical information that would benefit public safety to know as we respond to an incident,” said Interim Fire Chief Tim Connell. “Letting us know information such as who the best point of contact is in case of an emergency, whether anyone in the home has special needs or even if there are pets in the home can greatly enhance the service we provide to our community.”

To participate in the Community Connect program, residents simply create a profile and enter critical property and occupant information, which is then made available to public safety agencies at the time of dispatch. Data provided by residents within Community Connect is 100% secure and is used only for the purpose of better serving the resident during emergency situations. Community Connect allows residents to decide which information they feel comfortable sharing. “Having this information at the time a call is dispatched will help us be better prepared to serve our citizens in the most effective way possible when it matters most,” said Connell.

Community Connect is now available on the Thomasville Fire Rescue page on the City of Thomasville’s website,, for residents to create household profiles and begin using the service. “We are always looking for ways to better serve our citizens. Community Connect is a free, secure, and easy to use platform that allows you to share critical information about your residence,” said Battalion Chief Greg Owens. “By providing information about your household that you feel is important for us to know at the time of an emergency, we can ensure you and everything your care about are protected to the best of our ability.”

You can find a link to sign up your household for Community Connect on the Thomasville Fire Rescue page on the City of Thomasville’s website, Create your account then enter your family’s unique information. For more information about Community Connect and what it can do for your household, call 229-227-4099.

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