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The City of Thomasville is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its improved online billing and payment solution, Utilities Online. As a result, customers will notice new billing statements beginning this month. Customers will also have access to limited services on Monday, June 7th as a result of the billing conversion.

“We are very excited to complete our billing software conversion and begin using the new software platform full-time,” said Sheryl Sealy, Executive Director of Marketing and Customer Service. “The new billing software is more streamlined and efficient than our current software.” Sealy said the new billing statements will also continue to provide customers the opportunity to see their billing history and service billing breakdowns each month in a convenient, color-coded statement. “We transitioned to color-coded billing several years ago to make it easier for customers to track their billing for each utility service,” she said. “Our new billing statements will look slightly different but will still provide our customers with all of the same information they’ve come to expect on their monthly bill.”

The new billing system will go into effect on Monday, June 7th. As a result of the new billing software implementation, some departments will offer limited services on the day the system is converted. “Because some of our departments are offering limited services on conversion day, no penalties or cutoffs will be assessed on Monday,” said Sealy. “Customers can rest assured that their services will remain uninterrupted on conversion day. We will transition to full-service availability on Tuesday, June 8th.”

Customers will also have access to the improved Utilities Online service beginning Tuesday, June 8th. Utilities Online offers customers greater flexibility to view and pay their utility bills using any internet-connected device. Additionally, customers will have more options to pay their bill, including by phone and by text.

“Utilities Online is a versatile and easy-to-use portal that will really enhance the customer bill-paying experience,” said Melissa Donaldson, Director of Customer Service. “We are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience through ease and convenience. Utilities Online offers yet another way for customers to interact with their utility bills from anywhere, any time.”

The easy-to-use Utilities Online payment portal provides customers with quick access to their account to view bills, check balances, make payments, and enroll in paperless billing. Features include an ‘at a glance’ dashboard, securely stored payment information, and automatic payment options such as choosing a specific day for payments to process, email reminders and linking multiple accounts. For customers that choose not to create an account, they can view their current bill and make a one-time payment without registering.

Customers who have previously registered for Utilities Online in the past will need to re-register their account to access the new and improved features. “The current existing Thomasville Utilities mobile app will no longer be available beginning in June 2021,” said Donaldson. “We invite our customers to visit us online and explore all the exciting features available with our improved Utilities Online bill pay service conveniently from a mobile or other device beginning June 8th.”

While these new high-tech features make paying your utility bill a breeze, traditional payment options are also available. “We want our customers to know that we are still available to assist them in person, at the drive-thru, by mail, and over the phone,” said Donaldson. “The City of Thomasville prides itself on customer service at every level. While we hope many customers will take advantage of our improved online services, we are always happy to assist customers however they are most comfortable.”

The modified schedule of services available on Monday, June 7th is as follows:

  • CNSNext equipment returns, building inspection applications, and banner reservation requests will continue to be processed without interruption.
  • CNSNext Technical Support will be in service, though hold times are expected to be greater than normal.Customers are encouraged to leave a message for areturn call from a support technician.
  • Utilities Online and online payment inquiries will be unavailable beginning Friday, June 4th at 5:00 pm.The improved system will be available again beginning Tuesday, June 8th at 8:00 am.
  • Emergency Broadband Benefit Program assistants will be able to assist Thomasville customers; however, accounts approved for discounts will be processed on Tuesday, June 8th.
  • No payments of any kind will be accepted.This includes payments for utilities and CNSNext services, informational banner placements, tax and business licenses, permits, and other miscellaneous fees. No penalties or cutoffs will be assessed on June 7th.Regular penalties and cutoffs will go back into effect on Tuesday, June 8th.
  • Billing inquiries and related account information will be unavailable.Normal inquiries will be processed on Tuesday, June 8th.
  • Account services will be unavailable.This includes but is not limited to utility or CNSNext service changes, new account requests, account transfers, and delinquency processing.

“While this software conversion impacts some of our services, most City of Thomasville departments will be able to assist customers and answer questions without interruption,” said Donaldson. “The biggest change for customers to keep in mind is that the City will be unable to process payments of any kind on Monday, June 7th. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank our customers for their patience and understanding.”

Full operations will return to normal on Tuesday, June 8th. For more information about ways to make payments, or Utilities Online, call the City of Thomasville at 229-227-7001.


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