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Decoy dog at Cherokee LakeCherokee Lake Park is a great park for picnics, exercise, and playtime. It is also a great time to enjoy nature, including geese that are fond of the park. However, the geese can also be a nuisance from time to time. In order to deter the geese from eating your lunch or turning your walk into a run, the City of Thomasville has recently installed several dog decoys throughout the park.

“We recently installed the dog decoys at Cherokee Lake to help keep the geese from common areas our visitors enjoy,” said Mike Owens, Manager of Parks/Recreation and Golf Course. “The decoys are the perfect solution to keeping the geese in locations where they are not a nuisance to those enjoying our beautiful park.”

The decoys create a realistic silhouette and they move with a slight breeze. This helps keep the geese at bay in certain areas without scaring them from the park. There are three decoy dogs around Cherokee Lake, and the City of Thomasville would like your help to name them! Submit your suggestions online at by clicking the “Name the Park Pups” button at the top right-hand side of the page. Participants can choose from several names or submit their own choices of names. Suggestions are being accepted until November 15, 2019. The winning names will be announced after the deadline.

For more information about making suggestions for names of the dog decoys at Cherokee Lake or to reserve Pavilion One for birthday parties, cookouts, family reunions or any occasion, call Chelsie Cosby at 229-227-4092 or visit


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