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Last week marked a pivotal event as the Georgia Energy Cities extended a warm welcome to the ECG | MEAG Power Economic Development Southwest Georgia Bus Tour. This initiative has unveiled the promising prospects available for potential businesses seeking to establish a foothold in Georgia. The tour united state partners from ECG, MEAG Power, the Gas Authority, the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD), Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA), the University of Georgia, and Southern Regional Technical College, offering them firsthand insight into our communities and their infrastructure.

The tour served as a platform for economic development project managers at a statewide level to explore and engage with communities, garner firsthand knowledge about their offerings, and comprehend the distinct advantages that make Georgia a destination for business. State project managers play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between business owners aiming to relocate or expand in Georgia and the communities that align with their location requirements.

"This bus tour truly embodies the essence of our Georgia Energy Cities," stated ECG SVP & Chief External Officer Daryl Ingram. "Through our collaboration with MEAG Power and other state partners, we're underlining Georgia's position as a prime destination for businesses. Witnessing our dedicated Economic Development professionals alongside our Georgia Energy Cities reinforces our belief in the power of teamwork and strategic business development.”

This immersive experience of economic development opportunities has further amplified the potential for economic and business growth in these vibrant cities. Notable tour sites included Albany’s RiverQuarium, Bainbridge’s Commodore Industrial Park, Blakely’s Brewer’s Manufacturing, Cairo’s First & Broad Pizza Company, Camilla’s Hays LTI headquarters, and Thomasville’s Red Hills Business Park 1915 South. These destinations exemplify the essence of the mission we undertake, local economic development professionals passionately highlighted the virtues of their communities and the advantages they offer.

The Georgia Energy Cities, through their ownership and operation of electric or gas utilities, have established these utilities as integral financial and infrastructural assets to their respective communities. This attribute renders these cities even more appealing to potential global business owners. The tour was organized and hosted by ECG and MEAG Power, offering an illuminating exploration of seven Southwest Georgia Cities: Albany, Blakely, Bainbridge, Cairo, Camilla, Thomasville, and Whigham.


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