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The City of Thomasville is launching a sustainability campaign, "Sustain Thomasville: Small Changes, Big Impact." The campaign highlights initiatives and programs set by the City of Thomasville aimed at making Thomasville more sustainable.

"I am very excited about the launch of this program. It markets our efforts in sustainability, which we've been doing for many years but not really in the form of a full-blown marketing program," said Chris White, Assistant City Manager.

On a routine basis, the City of Thomasville will roll out information marketing these efforts. The campaign will include a webpage consisting of the information, social media posts, and produced videos featured on both social media and CNSNext.

"We intend to educate our consumers and customers on our efforts towards sustainability from all the many things that we do through our landfill, our utility operations, our Solid Waste Operations, and everything in between," said White.

Sustainability efforts range from solar power initiatives to compressed natural gas. The City of Thomasville wants to highlight these green initiatives that reduce our environmental impact and offer tips to customers to help build a resilient, long-lasting community.

"Every little bit helps, with the end effort being a sustainable clean environment so that we're protecting our natural resources here in Georgia," White said.

For more information about our initiatives, visit or call (229) 227-7001.


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