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Beginning Tuesday, September 26, 2017, the City of Thomasville’s Natural Gas Department will close both eastbound lanes on E. Jackson Street at the Clanton Street intersection to repair natural gas lines at this location. The construction area will extend approximately 300’ south on Clanton Street from the intersection with E. Jackson. During this time, eastbound thru traffic on E. Jackson Street will be reduced to one lane and will be shifted to the center turn lane.

“While this lane closure will remain in effect until the work is completed, it is anticipated that work on E. Jackson Street will be completed the same evening,” said Wayne Newsome, Assistant City Engineer. “Normal traffic conditions should resume on E. Jackson Street early on Wednesday morning.”

The repair to the natural gas lines in the area will also require closure of the southbound lane on Clanton Street, along with closure of the northbound left turn lane on Clanton Street at the intersection. “On Wednesday morning, there may be a partial closure of the southbound lane on Clanton Street remaining in order to complete the repairs,” said Newsome.

“We recognize the inconvenience lane closures poses to both the traveling public and businesses along this segment of E. Jackson Street,” said Newsome. “Every effort will be made to reopen these roadways as quickly as possible. This work will be conducted such that access to businesses in this area is maintained to the maximum extent as can safely be accommodated.”

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