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City Manager/Utilities Superintendent Steve Sykes announced today the appointment of Mark Harmon to the position of Chief Building Official for the City of Thomasville.

Harmon joins Thomasville’s Building Department with approximately 30 years of service in the building and construction field. Harmon will be responsible for all building inspections and plan review services and activities, as well as administering and enforcing building codes, developer agreements and other municipal regulations regarding building matters. For the last 25 years, he has been owner of Better Builders of Thomasville Inc.

City Manager Sykes cited Harmon’s extensive experience in the construction industry in the local community as an important factor in Harmon’s appointment.

“Mark has been a part of the Thomasville building community for 30years. He understands the financial and regulatory challenges builders and developers face in today’s marketplace. Mark also understands that the primary role of the Building Department is to safeguard public health, safety and welfare. Most importantly, Mark understands that this role is best achieved through a culture of accessibility and dialogue with citizens and the development community.”

Harmon expressed excitement about his new role.

“I am looking forward to taking on this new role. Having been in the construction industry all of these years, I know the regulatory process can sometimes be confusing or seem difficult. My goal is to create an environment where the personnel of the Building Department are accessible and where those we serve seek our assistance, notsee us as barriers to progress. It can be very intimidating to be told ‘no’ and not understand where to look for the correct answer. Although the staff of the department cannot provide design assistance, we can certainly direct individuals in the right direction and guide them through as many steps as are needed in a timely manner. Working together in this way will help us achieve the goal of promoting safe development in Thomasville,” he said.

Harmon plans to begin work with the City by April 1, 2015, after finalizing current construction projects. He and his wife, Brenda, live in Thomasville and have been married for 27 years.