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Thomasville Insights with the City of ThomasvilleThe City of Thomasville has launched a new initiative that is targeted at helping to provide additional information to customers and citizens. ‘Thomasville Insights with the City of Thomasville’ is a new podcast aimed at providing listeners with insightful information from local experts on everything from Thomasville history, City-sponsored events, daily operations, and business processes. The new podcast will be released on Monday, June 14th.

Sarah Baggett, Director of Marketing, and Ricky Zambrano, Public Information Officer, will serve as co-hosts of the show. “We are excited to be a part of launching the City’s first podcast,” said Baggett. “The purpose of the podcast is to provide our customers and residents with an additional resource for information from the City, with what we hope is a fun and entertaining angle. Podcasts are a great way to consume information on the go and stay connected to what’s happening within our organization and community. We recognize that everyone is not on social media or seeing our press releases, so we view the podcast as another way to reach out and engage with citizens.”

According to Zambrano, the first episode is aimed at assisting the community with continued educational growth and understanding of the Juneteenth holiday. “The Thomasville City Council recently designated Juneteenth as an official City holiday,” said Zambrano. “The designation also tasked City staff with the responsibility of providing education to the community about the significance of the Juneteenth holiday. The podcast is a great opportunity to do just that.”

The inaugural episode of Thomasville Insights features Ephraim Rotter from the Thomasville History Center and Ucher Dent, the founder of the Annual Juneteenth Festival in Thomasville. Rotter provides the listeners with an historical background of Juneteenth, while Dent helps connect the holiday to our local community and provides details on this year’s festivities.

The Thomasville Insights podcast will be available to listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Stitcher and IHeart Radio and coming will be coming soon to other popular apps. Listeners can also access the podcast through “Our podcast team is honored with the opportunity to develop and provide our listeners with a fun and exciting new way to stay informed and connected with the City,” said Baggett. “We hope that listeners will find the topics we cover on the podcast to be useful and encourage the community to stay involved by tuning in.”

For more information about Thomasville Insights with the City of Thomasville or the Juneteenth Festival, please visit or call 229-227-7001.


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