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The City of Thomasville is proud to announce it has joined cities across the state to celebrate 2021 Waste & Recycling Workers Week. On February 23rd, 2021, Governor Brian Kemp proclaimed the week of June 17th (June 14 -18) as Waste and Recycling Workers Week across the state of Georgia. This week-long awareness effort is focused on the essential work provided by solid waste workers.

“We are proud to participate in this state-wide effort to ensure that our solid waste and landfill staff are recognized as essential and valuable for their service all year to keep our community clean, safe, and beautiful,” said Chris White, Executive Director of Public Utilities. “They protect our environment, help prevent disease, and make all of our lives easier.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the eradication of many diseases in the Western World is due, in large part, to higher public sanitation standards resulting from effective garbage disposal. “Our Solid Waste and Landfill teams work hard every day. We take pride in providing our citizens with a clean and safe community,” said Jimmy Smith, Jr., Solid Waste and Landfill Superintendent. “We take our responsibility to our citizens, and those of other surrounding towns we serve, seriously.”

Smith says that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks waste and recyclable material collectors six out of 10 on the list of fatal job injuries. “The health and safety of our solid waste staff are of critical importance,” said Smith. “During the height of the pandemic we faced unprecedented challenges to protect our staff and many of those implemented measures are still in place today. All safety measures are in place for the well-being of our staff and the environmental protection of our community.”

During the week of June 17 (June 14-18) and throughout the year, there are many ways that residents and businesses can show support and appreciation for the men and women doing these essential jobs. Here are several suggestions:

  • Don’t overfill your container.
  • Place your container curbside by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day. Containers should be placed at the curb and away from obstructions such as your mailbox, vehicle, low-hanging tree branches, and utility lines.
  • Municipal solid waste should not include hazardous materials.
  • Yard waste should be placed in compact piles away from storm drains. Bagging yard waste is not recommended; however, should you choose to bag your debris, please be sure to only use biodegradable plastic bags.
  • Slow down and pay extra attention when approaching or passing a collection vehicle.
  • Wave to your collector to show your awareness and appreciation of their efforts.
  • Express thanks and appreciation with a chalk drawing on the sidewalk or driveway, or a cardboard sign, taped to your trash receptacle.

“The Solid Waste industry is filled with loyal and hard-working individuals that take pride in the service they provide for the community,” said Smith. “We are proud and appreciative of our great team that is willing to work long hours and weeks to serve our community and our customers.”

For more information on how to join the City of Thomasville Solid Waste team, please visit or call Human Resources at 229-227-7001.


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