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The City of Thomasville recently held a breakfast honoring several employees for their years of service to the community. The service awards honored employees who achieved milestone years of service including five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 40 years of service.

“We honor our employees for reaching these milestones and want to thank them for the time they have invested into our community and its citizens,” said City Manager Alan Carson, “It’s incredible to see the long-time employees who have dedicated so much to the City of Thomasville, and we’re proud to be able to recognize them for their achievement.”

Employees honored for their years of service included the following:

COT Employees - 5 Years of Service Five Years: Vicky Bryson – City Manager’s Office, Marcus Cogland – CNS, Bradley Gimbel – Customer Care, Jeremy Layton – Electric, Jesse Mayfield – Electric, Christopher Loftis – Engineering, Christopher Bowman – Fire Rescue, Michael Nixon – Fire Rescue, Bennie Palmer III – Fire Rescue, Jasmine Rice – Fire Rescue, Angela Cox – Fleet Services, Jason Kinsey – Technical Service, Ira Coston – Wastewater, Todd Eaton – Water, Cliffton Ouzts – Water, and Timothy Stokes – Water.

COT Employees - 10 Years of Service Ten Years: Jeffery Miller – CNS, Grace Dooley – Customer Care, Michael Mann – Fire Rescue, Philp Palmer – Fleet Services, Glenn Little – Golf Course, Diane McBee – Information Technology, Jason Berry – Network Operations, Noelle Copeland – Police Department, Jabar Dunbar – Police Department, and Charles Glausier – Utility Services.

COT Employees - 15 Years of Service

Fifteen Years: Andy Thompson Jr. – Airport, James West III – Building, Robert King – CNS, Dennis Dye – Customer Care, Michelle Shiver – Customer Payments, Travis Lamos – Electric Engineering, Melissa Donaldson – Information Technology, Jennifer Dewell – Marketing, Justin Barclay – Natural Gas, Shirley Curry – Technical Services, and Brian Donaldson – Warehouse.

COT Employees - 20 Years of Service

Twenty Years: Mark Nelms – Fire Rescue, Lee Thomas – Landfill, Sherri Nix – Marketing, James Miley – Solid Waste, and Patrick Little – Technical Services.

COT Employees - 25 Years of Service

Twenty-Five Years: John Wheeler – CNS and Duane Treadon – Information Technology.

COT Employees - 30 Years of Service

Thirty Years: Brent Alderman – Electric Department, Benjamin Spencer – Electric Department, Kha McDonald – Human Resources, Dorothy Allen – Police Department, Eric Hampton – Police Department, Wynton Shelley – Technical Services, and James Ridley – Wastewater Treatment.

COT Employee - 40 Years of Service

Forty Years: Nate Tyler, Solid Waste.