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Each year in June, the nation celebrates National Garbage Man Day in recognition of the men and women of the waste management industry who work hard all year to process, filter and recycle more than 250 million tons of garbage annually. This year, the City of Thomasville is celebrating Solid Waste Appreciation Day on June 17th in honor of the men and women who work so diligently to keep our community clean.

“Our Solid Waste team works quietly behind the scenes to keep our community looking its best at all times,” said Jimmy Smith, Jr., City of Thomasville Solid Waste & Landfill Superintendent. “From backdoor pickups to yard trash debris to storm cleanup, the safe and efficient removal of all kinds of waste is a job that we take very seriously.”

Statistics reveal that garbage collection is now one of the top five most dangerous occupations in the country. “Our refuse haulers and those working in the Solid Waste department are often the unsung heroes of public health,” Smith said. “The reality is, much like others working in our community, their jobs are dangerous and pose hazards for the employee and the public if their duties aren’t performed properly. We are proud of our staff’s commitment to safety, courtesy, and professionalism.”

Mayor Pro Tem Terry Scott signed a proclamation declaring June 17th as Solid Waste Appreciation Day in honor of National Garbage Man Day. “I am proud to sign this proclamation, recognizing the men and women working in our community as guardians of public health, ensuring proper collection and disposal of waste and recyclables,” Scott said.

Local businesses and members of the community are encouraged to recognize the Solid Waste staff and National Garbage Man Day as well. “Rain or shine, hot or cold, our staff works diligently to ensure your household and commercial waste is disposed of properly,” Smith said. “We appreciate your support in their efforts to keep our community clean, safe, and healthy.”