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State of Georgia Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan recently appointed City of Thomasville Mayor Greg Hobbs to the Lower Flint – Ochlockonee Regional Water Planning Council. The appointment is effective immediately and is scheduled to last for a four-year term.

“It is my distinct honor to accept Lieutenant Governor Duncan’s appointment to the Lower Flint – Ochlockonee Regional Water Planning Council,” said Hobbs. “I look forward to the opportunity to serve our region, alongside my fellow colleagues as together we determine preferred water management practices of our region’s future water resource needs.”

The Georgia General Assembly established the 2004 Comprehensive Statewide Water Management Planning Act mandating the development of a statewide water plan that supports a far-reaching vision for water resource management. “The statewide plan called for regional water planning to provide the necessary local and regional perspectives to ensure each of Georgia’s ten water planning region’s water resources are sustainably managed through at least 2050,” said Hobbs. “It has ushered in a completely new era of comprehensive regional water planning for Georgia.”

According to Hobbs, the vision of the council calls for the management of water resources in a sustainable manner to support the region’s economy, protect public health and natural systems, and enhance the quality of life for the region’s citizens. “The vision helped established goals such as ensuring access to water resources for existing and future water users in the Lower Flint- Ochlockonee region while supporting sustainable economic growth in the region,” said Hobbs. “They also call for the council to work to sustain the region’s aquifers, most particular the Floridan aquifer, in a healthy condition that will continue to support the natural systems and economic activities of the Lower Flint-Ochlockonee region.”

“Mayor Hobbs’ appointment is not only a reflection of his leadership of our great city but also within Southwest Georgia,” said Alan Carson, City Manager. “We are excited about the great work Mayor Hobbs and the entire council will do to sustain, manage, and protect our state’s limited water supplies.”

Greg Hobbs, City of Thomasville Mayor

Pictured Above: Greg Hobbs, City of Thomasville Mayor