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The City of Thomasville’s Solid Waste department has announced a temporary delay of yard trimming collection services. “A variety of conditions have led to delays in the collection services of residential yard trimmings,” said Jimmy Smith, Jr., Solid Waste & Landfill Superintendent. “We understand that these delays are inconvenient and frustrating for our customers, and we are doing everything in our power to restore services to their regular schedule.”

According to Smith, the delays stem from operational challenges including personnel and equipment issues. “Our department is experiencing the effects of COVID and medical leave reducing our staffing- often on short notice- as many businesses across the nation deal with similar struggles,” said Smith. “In addition, several key Solid Waste vehicles have been out of commission for various reasons, including the total loss of a collection truck. These have been challenging obstacles but we are working to overcome them.”

Smith said that staffing solutions are in the works and steps are being taken to address the availability of collection trucks. “We are pursuing all options to overcome the recent loss of a truck, including the rental of collection trucks if deemed necessary. Our available team members are working extensive overtime to support our services and customers as best as possible.”

“We understand the importance of this valuable yard trimming collection service,” said Smith. “We are extremely appreciative of the patience and understanding our community and customers have so graciously shown us. We will continue to work hard to deliver the quality services that our customers have come to expect. Our team is working diligently to overcome the issues that have led to the current delays and we expect our collection services to get back on schedule within the next few weeks.”

For more information about the City of Thomasville Solid Waste department, please call 229-227-7092 or visit


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