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With a focus on professional development through education and advanced training, Thomasville Fire Rescue Chief Chris Bowman has recognized Fire Marshal Tim Connell for his recent achievement of the professional designation Fire Marshal. This designation has been awarded to Connell by the Center for Public Safety Excellence Commission on Professional Credentialing. Fire Marshal Connell has also been recognized for professional accomplishments during the March 17 CPSE Excellence Conference in Orlando, Florida.

The CPSE Professional Credentialing Program recognizes fire prevention leaders who have demonstrated excellence and outstanding achievement that includes a verification and recognition of fire and life safety accomplishments. The program specifies minimum eligibility requirements in the form of extensive experience and educational background, along with meeting seventeen areas of technical competencies. The program assesses contributions to the fire prevention field in the way of:

  • Professional career improvement and development;
  • Fire and life safety leadership demonstration;
  • Continuing education, training, and skill proficiency;
  • Organizational dedication to the proficiency and proactive delivery of services to the community.

Participants in the designation program are also required to comply with the Fire Marshal Code of Professional Conduct and the administration thereof. The Code of Professional Conduct has been adopted by the Commission on Professional Credentialing to promote and maintain the highest standards of professional performance and conduct.

Fire Chief Chris Bowman said that he was very proud of Fire Marshal Connell.

“Fire Marshal Connell is part of an elite group of only 92 designated fire marshals in the world, and three in the state of Georgia that have met the requirements set forth by the Commission on Professional Credentialing,” Bowman said. “This is the highest level of achievement possible in the fire service for a Fire Marshal, and I couldn’t be more pleased to have him as an asset under my command.”