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Thomasville Fire Rescue was recently awarded an Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) in the amount of $248,000. The grant provided TFR with funding for the purchase of 42 new Dragger Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) equipment that enables them to safely enter environments dangerous to life or health. Funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the grant aims to provide direct financial assistance to eligible fire departments to equip and train emergency personnel, enhance efficiencies, and support community resilience.

“The purchase of the new SCBA’s will provide our firefighters with new safety features that were not included in our old equipment,” said TFR Fire Chief Tim Connell. “These new air packs will provide much-needed communication features for our firefighters and command staff while they are responding to calls, providing the firefighters a safer work environment.”

Connell says that the purchase of new SCBA equipment is necessary in order to meet industry safety standards. “Our current SCBA’s are 18 years old and three standards behind the current industry standards,” he said. “They cannot be refurbished due to the age and lack of availability of parts. The packs also lack the necessary capabilities to provide efficient radio communications.”

Recipients of the grant are required to also contribute financially toward the purchase of the equipment. “While the purchase of this equipment was budgeted for this year, receiving this grant allowed us to save $248,000,” said Connell. “We are thankful and appreciative to receive this grant from FEMA and the AFG.”

“This grant is important because it has provided our deserving firefighters with equipment that meets the current industry standards,” said Connell. “The purchase of these SCBA’s will allow our firefighters to provide the community with a level of service that is necessary to successfully manage many emergency situations.”

Firefighters test out new Dragger SCBA packs.

Pictured Above: Firefighters test out new Dragger SCBA packs


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