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Exciting celebrations and bright light displays are staples of the holiday season. However, such beautiful displays can also pose safety risks. With the holiday season upon us, Thomasville Fire Rescue would like to stress to the community the importance of fire safety during the holidays.

Each year during the holiday season, home fires turn festive celebrations into devastation. Electrical distribution or lighting equipment has been the culprit in 43% of home Christmas tree fires. Three quarters of fatalities and two thirds of related injuries resulted from fires that started with a Christmas tree.

“The top three days for home candle fires are Christmas, New Year’s Day, and New Year’s Eve,” said Fire Marshal Tim Connell. “Holiday fires can start from something small, such as a candle, or from bigger issues with family Christmas trees.”

“An un-watered Christmas tree can catch fire quickly and burn rapidly, causing life-changing devastation in a matter of seconds,” Connell continued. “While live Christmas trees are beautiful, if not properly taken care of they can become hazardous.”

Some important steps you can take to ensure fire safety during the holidays include keeping real Christmas trees watered, ensuring electrical connections are good, and keeping watch on burning candles. “Small steps by individuals can prevent tragedies such as home fires,” Connell said.

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