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The Thomasville Police Department has launched an online survey to help assess the current perception of law enforcement service to the community. The survey is being conducted in partnership with the Thomas University Division of Social Work. According to Police Chief Troy Rich, participation in the survey is necessary in order to adequately gauge how the department is doing and where improvements are needed.

“We are hoping that we gain a great deal of input and participation in the survey so that we can accurately plan for how to better serve our community in the future,” said Rich. “In order to know what improvements are needed, it is very helpful to know how we are currently meeting the expectations of those we serve.”

The results of the survey will help to determine the effectiveness of past performance and will also be used to create a new three-year plan, which will address newly-identified issues and improve existing services. This year’s survey will be available through the month of February and can be accessed by visiting

“Offering it online makes it as convenient as possible for citizens to participate in the survey,” said Rich. “This survey is conducted every three years, with last year being the first it was offered online. We are hoping that this year’s survey is as well-received as our previous efforts.”

Rich adds that the survey is for city of Thomasville residents only and is completely confidential, a benefit of partnering with Thomas University.

“Thomas University will ensure that all results we receive are 100 percent anonymous,” Rich noted.

For more information about this survey, citizens can contact Dr. Debra Gresham 229-226-1621 ext. 1121.