Citizen Involvement Opportunity Application

Citizen Involvement Opportunity Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming more involved in your local government. The City of Thomasville offers citizens the opportunity to serve on a citizen board or authority as well as opportunities to volunteer on various committees. The following application will help you to understand the requirements for each opportunity. All questions should be directed to the City Manager’s office, 229-227-6987.

Please note that you must be a citizen of the City of Thomasville who resides within the city limits in order to serve on a citizen board or authority.

Are you interested in serving on a citizen board/authority or a committee?

Citizen boards or authorities are created by the Thomasville City Council and have a long-term mission and purpose for our community. Appointments to these boards are made by the City Council, and each appointee will serve for a specified term that may vary per board. These boards usually have a formal meeting schedule and may have board member requirements for some positions on each board. You can find out more information about citizen boards and authorities here. Please note that applications for citizen boards and authorities will only be considered when an opening on the requested board exists. Additionally, only applications meeting the requirements of the citizen board and/or the position available will be considered.

Various committees are formed from time to time to assist with the development or execution of specific initiatives. These volunteer opportunities are intended to have a specific beginning and ending date, with a varied meeting schedule and require a shorter time commitment. Individuals who are not residents of the city of Thomasville and whom do not live within the city limits of Thomasville may also be permitted to serve on select committees. Some examples of committees that have been formed previously include the Creative District Committee, MacIntyre Park Charrette Committee, and event planning committees. Please note that a committee may not currently be active for your area of interest. Applicants will only be contacted when a committee is formed for their area of interest.

Thank you again for your interest in serving your community. You will be contacted when there is an opportunity to serve that matches your request.