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The City of Thomasville announced today the appointment of Lauren Radford as Director of Engagement & Outreach. Radford is currently employed as Executive Director of the Thomasville-Thomas County Chamber of Commerce. She will begin work with the City on May 8, 2017.

“We are very pleased that Ms. Radford has accepted the position with the City. She is a talented communicator whose work with the Chamber of Commerce and prior experience working with community organizations and economic development will be invaluable in her role with the City,” said Lynn Williams, Assistant City Manager-Communications & Marketing.

Williams stated that the position had previously been called Public Information Officer, but had been recently been revamped to serve in a more collaborative role.

“We have modified the role to focus more on creating opportunities for dialogue, information sharing, partnership and action with residents, businesses & organizations,” Williams said.

Radford will oversee the City’s efforts to connect community organizations, businesses, and residents with the City on mutually beneficial initiatives. Specifically, Radford will be responsible for developing and implementing a plan to boost both the number of engaged residents and business leaders in Thomasville as well as the positive impact residents can have on key City challenges.

“I’m very pleased about the opportunity to serve the community in this new role,” said Radford. “The City has many exciting and challenging initiatives ahead for which community outreach and input are vitally important. I look forward to the opportunity to being a part of the City’s efforts to better engage community in the future.”

A native of Brooks County, Radford is a graduate of Georgia State University. She has served as Executive Director of the Thomasville-Thomas County Chamber of Commerce since 2013. Radford is married to John Futch and has two children.