Building Forms/Applications

All building forms should be submitted to If you have any questions, call (229) 227-6983.

If you don’t see the form that you’re looking for, visit the Planning & Zoning page for additional information.

To report code violations online, click here.

Important Notice:

Over the past twelve months, the Thomasville City Council has re-evaluated fees of all types, citywide. They include every fee the City charges for any service or deliverable. Some of those fees remained the same, some were increased. The current schedule of fees for all permittable construction activity has been in place within the City of Thomasville for several decades. Our Executive Director of Inspections & Engineering, Mark Harmon, was asked by the Thomasville City Council to propose updated fee schedules that aligned with all types of construction activity currently performed. Mark searched across our region to get an overview of how fees are assessed and the rates charged. After compiling this information and presenting it to the City Council, a new schedule of fees and permit application forms were approved in August of 2022. This new schedule of fees went into effect January 1, 2023.