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For more than 20 years, Community Network Services (CNS) has been the telecommunications and broadband service leader in southwest Georgia. With a history of providing Internet, telephone and digital television services to the communities of Thomasville, Cairo, Camilla, Moultrie, Pelham, Baconton, Doerun and Norman Park, CNS is now poised to move into a new era of providing key technological services to both residential and business customers. Beginning this month, CNS will be branded as CNSNext, signaling the introduction of many new service offerings that will soon be available.

“CNSNext symbolizes a step into the future for our company and our customers,” said Sheryl Sealy, Marketing Director. “The new brand shows our continuing commitment to offering the best customer experience possible through new and improved products and unparalleled customer service. In addition to our new look, we also have some exciting product offerings launching in the near future.”

CNS was formed in the mid-1990s at a time when larger telecommunications providers were overlooking rural areas and did not have plans to offer high speed or broadband services in these communities. Don Atkinson, Chief Executive Officer for CNSNext, recalled, “CNS was created out of a need in our area for high-speed, quality Internet service so that our business communities were not left behind in the Information Age. Over the years, CNS has grown to offer telecommunications services for both residential and business customers, advertising solutions, and more. We have always prided ourselves on providing the best, most cutting edge technologies and services available. It is now time for us to innovate once again.”

One of the first products to be launched by CNSNext is an in-home managed Wi-Fi service, Next Connect. “Next Connect offers the best in maintenance and support for home Wi-Fi networks,” said Sealy. “Next Connect allows CNSNext to remotely troubleshoot and improve your network’s performance. Customers will also have the option to access an easy-to-use app to set parental controls, manage Wi-Fi extenders, receive security alerts and more.” Next Connect is available at a low monthly fee as an addition to CNS Internet plans.

Sealy also shared that the digital television experience will also change in the very near future. “We are extremely excited to launch CNSNextTV later this year, which will give our customers an improved user interface and many enhanced viewing options,” she said. “CNSNextTV and Next Connect are just two of the new products we will be bringing to our customers that will not only improve their experience, but also bring even more value to the services that you have come to depend upon from CNSNext.”

“While our brand may be changing, our customer-centered approach to doing business remains the same,” said Atkinson. “CNSNext continues to be a locally owned and operated company that will continue to put not only our customers, but also our communities, first. We look forward to continuing to serve southwest Georgia as CNSNext.”

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