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Landfill Cell 5 ExpansionAn expansion of the Thomasville/Thomas County Municipal Solid Waste Landfill is nearing completion at the nearly 600-acre land parcel. The construction of an additional cell for solid waste disposal is expected to be completed in mid-to-late October at an anticipated cost of approximately $4 million.

“The discussions regarding construction of cell 5 began back in 2018,” said Chris White, Executive Director of Public Utilities. “As existing cells near full capacity, it becomes necessary to construct additional cells for disposal of solid waste.”

According to Lee Thomas, Assistant Solid Waste and Landfill Superintendent., the preparation for the construction of a cell requires multiple steps to ensure compliance with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. “Overburdened soil of the pre-permitted area is removed to bring the level down to a sub-grade,” said Thomas. “The subgrade area is then covered by a two-foot layer of compacted soil before the installation of a 60-mil plastic liner. An additional layer of geo fabric material is installed over the liner for added protection.” Thomas added, “Leachate drain lines are added before a final layer of two-foot compacted soil is placed over the liner.”

The construction contract for the landfill cell 5 project was awarded by the Thomasville City Council to Peed Brothers Construction of Butler, Ga in September of 2019. “Peed Brothers is a licensed utility contractor with over 70 years of experience servicing Florida and Georgia,” said White. “They have been constructing landfills since 1988, during which time they have worked with various counties throughout the state.”

“Construction preparation began at the end of 2019 and is nearing completion,” said Thomas. “In addition to extending the life expectancy of the landfill, this project will increase the disposal efficiency of solid waste by our Solid Waste Department, along with the numerous waste transporting companies that contract with the landfill.”

For more information about the Thomasville-Thomas County Municipal Solid Waste Landfill, please call 229-225-4316.

Pictured Above: Landfill Cell 5 Expansion


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