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Rising summer temperatures can result in higher-than-normal monthly utility bills. With this in mind, the City of Thomasville will host ‘Let’s Discuss…Hot Tips for Keeping Your Energy Bills Low This Summer’ on Thursday, July 20th at 5:30 p.m. in the Harper Elementary School Gymnasium located at 520 Fletcher Street. Organizers say that this Let’s Discuss session will provide customers with easy, effective, and inexpensive ways to increase home energy efficiency and help reduce utility costs.

“The Let’s Discuss series is an opportunity for citizens to get an in-depth look at important topics such as economic vitality, capital improvement projects, or in this case, energy efficiency tips,” said Sherri Cain, Public Outreach Manager. “This is valuable information that can save our customers money. Most of the tips we will discuss can be implemented with little- or no- associated costs. For example, did you know that 78 degrees is the optimal energy efficiency setting for your home thermostat in the summer? Adjusting your thermostat accordingly can save you money.”

The event will also focus on ways the City of Thomasville provides support for customers looking to save money. “The City offers free in-home energy checkups for our customers,” said Stephan Thompson, Energy Services Advisor. “During these checkups, we look for ways to optimize energy efficiency in the customer’s home, such as examining the insulation, windows, appliances, and more. A personalized recommendation is created that can guide the customer towards necessary changes that can help them save money.” In addition to energy checkups, on-bill financing, budget billing, CHIP grants, and more will be discussed.

“The City offers our customers a wide variety of options that can be implemented to help better manage energy usage and ultimately help reduce their utility bill,” said Cain. “We are happy to work with our customers to identify cost-saving measures that could noticeably lower their monthly utility bill.”

This event is free and open to the public. For more information about the ‘Let’s Discuss…’ series, contact Sherri Cain at 229-227-4154 or visit

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