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City of Thomasville Utilities customers have an additional way to help manage their winter budgets, as the City is now accepting applications for the Budget Billing Program. The Budget Billing Program gives utilities customers an additional payment option, which can be helpful when excessive temperatures may cause increased monthly utility usage. Program enrollment is available only twice each year, during April and October. The current enrollment period will end October 31st.

The Budget Billing Program provides customers the choice of paying a set amount – an average taken from the previous year’s total monthly billing – which is put toward their utility bill each month, instead of paying the actual usage. The program runs in 12 month periods, at the end of which, accounts are reconciled. This means that any overpayment or underpayment that has accumulated on the account must be settled before the next billing period.

Karis Mills, director of customer service, said that the Budget Billing Program helps to level out the costs of usage spikes which occur during exceedingly hot or cold months.

“The program establishes a set rate which is less than your most high-usage months, but a little more than your lowest utility usage months,” she said. “By doing this, you won’t directly feel the impact of those cold winter months when a little more heat may be needed to stay comfortable.”

To enroll in the Budget Billing Program, residential utility customers must have a minimum of 12 months of continuous utility services and be up to date with all utility accounts and payments.

The next opportunity to enroll in Budget Billing will be April 2016.

For more information on program eligibility or to enroll in the Budget Billing Program, please contact Customer Care at (229) 227-7001.


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