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Beginning in January 2016, City of Thomasville staff will be inspecting rainwater detention facilities to ensure proper function. The network of detention facilities throughout Thomasville plays an important role in stormwater management, particularly regarding flood reduction and prevention.

“We’ve completed our stormwater inventory and we’ve found that many of our detention ponds are not adequately being maintained,” said City Engineer Jerry Pionessa. “This means that in heavy rainfall scenarios, our upstream and downstream areas are becoming overwhelmed and experiencing flood conditions.”

If your property – primarily commercial properties and sub-divisions – has a detention pond, or a facility that serves to collect and slowly distribute run-off into the stormwater system, these are a few signs that your detention pond may require maintenance:

1.) No outlet control structure
2.) Outlet pipe filled with debris
3.) Holes in the dam or a breach in the dam
4.) Standing water
5.) Vegetative overgrowth

“It’s important to note that detention ponds are the responsibility of the property owner,” Pionessa said. “However, since they play such a significant role in the City’s stormwater management, they are regulated by City ordinances.”

Information regarding detention ponds can be found in the City Ordinances, Chapter 5, article 12, section 5-319; and 15-26.

If you have any questions regarding detention pond maintenance, please call the City of Thomasville


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