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The first phase of the multiuse trail came one step closer to completion when the Thomasville City Council approved funding for a portion of Phase I of the project at a recent City Council meeting. According to Jerry Pionessa, City Engineer, this action will allow for construction of the multiuse trail beginning at Lester Street. This portion of Phase I of the trail will run along Victoria Place to Paradise Park and then continue on Colton Avenue at Hansel Street.

“We know the community is anxious for the multiuse trail to be completed, so we are pleased that we are now ready to officially begin construction on Phase I,” he said. “Once this phase is complete, it will connect to the existing trail along Metcalf Avenue at Loomis Street.”

The trail will wind throughout many of Thomasville’s neighborhoods, giving pedestrian access to shopping, dining and recreation points throughout the community. “The multiuse trail involves many phases, each with unique challenges we must address,” said Pionessa. “For instance, safety concerns are paramount along routes that encounter railroad and bridge crossings. We are also addressing infrastructure improvements along the route.”

Pionessa says that work is progressing in other phases of the trail project in conjunction with the Phase I items currently underway. “We are in a design phase for the trailhead at Stevens Street, with work continuing in other phases concurrently,” he explained. “Property acquisition is in progress for Phase II, as well as obtaining the necessary crossing permits for state highway crossings.” A portion of Phase III is already under construction between Remington Avenue and Jackson Street, near Thomasville High School. “We expect this area to be complete in June,” said Pionessa.


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