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The Jackson-Remington connecting section of the Multi-Use Trail is now complete and open for use. Citizens now have quick access when making their way by foot or bike from one section of the city to another.

More work is expected on the connector, including landscaping; however, citizens are invited to begin using the trail section now. The 1,900 linear foot section of completed trail runs behind Thomasville High School and connects Jackson Street and Remington Avenue. While this section offers convenient access between these points, it is not intended for vehicle traffic.

“This is for bike and pedestrian use only,” said Wayne Newsome, assistant City engineer. “With school starting, we want citizens to be aware of this connecting trail that may make walking to some of the City schools a little easier.”

To date, 5,670 linear feet of the Multi- Use trail has been completed. Work on Phase I continues, which begins on Loomis Street and will connect to the existing section of trail on Metcalf Avenue. Construction will continue on Colton and Victoria Place connecting Paradise Park and the newly redeveloped Victoria Park neighborhood to the existing trail on Lester Street.

“Our hope is that by seeing this segment completed, it will hopefully bring to life the ultimate vision of a walkable trail that will connect 17 public parks within the Thomasville community,” said Jerry Pionessa, City Engineer.

“This section makes up a large part of Phase III of the trail,” said Pionessa. “With this section in place, I think the community will better visualize what the finished project will look like and how it will benefit our community.”

An additional 2,500 feet of the Multi-Use Trail is currently under construction. This section of the trail is part of Phase I and runs from the Lester Street/Victoria Place intersection to Paradise Park. It then continues on the other side of Paradise Park at Colton Avenue, where it turns onto Loomis and ties into the existing 2,060-foot-long section of trail on Metcalf Avenue. Construction of this section is expected to be completed by October 2015.


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