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Because much of the work that has been progressing on the City of Thomasville’s Multi-Use Trail project is infrastructure, citizens may not notice the progress that has been accomplished to date. However, one major section of the project that will connect Remington Avenue and Jackson Street is nearing completion and will surely draw attention. Seeing this segment completed will hopefully bring to life the ultimate vision of a walkable trail that will connect 17 public parks within the Thomasville community.

In addition to the Remington/Jackson connector, engineering has also begun for the crowning jewel of the trail project, the public amphitheatre at the Stevens Street trailhead. According to City Planner Brian Herrmann, the Stevens Street trailhead/amphitheater will serve the community not only as the main entry point to the 14-mile-long Multi-Use Trail, but as a fully functioning park.

“While completion is still a ways off, the trailhead will feature space for live performances, public art displays, green space and a play area for children,” Herrmann said. “Once completed, this space will be a tremendous asset to our community, providing numerous opportunities for both locals and tourists to come socialize and take part in Thomasville’s thriving arts scene.”

The vision for the Multi-Use Trail calls for a 10-foot-wide, walking and biking trail that will meander through the community, connecting various green spaces, neighborhoods and commercial corridors in order to improve commerce, accessibility and recreational opportunities holistically.

“A great way to think about the trail is to consider it a linear park which serves to tie different segments of our community together. Rather than take our traditional sidewalks and roadways to bike or walk throughout our community, we will have a different means that will make our community more connective and allow us to easily participate in activities in multiple locations,” said City Planner Brian Herrmann.

Earlier this year, the Thomasville City Council approved funding for a portion of Phase I of the project which is now drawing closer to completion.

“Phase I construction began on Loomis Street connecting to the existing section of trail on Metcalf Avenue. Construction will continue on Colton and Victoria Place connecting Paradise Park and the newly redeveloped Victoria Park neighborhood to the existing trail on Lester Street,” said City Engineer, Jerry Pionessa. “As we did on Metcalf Avenue, we’ve taken the opportunity to construct smaller segments of the trail in areas throughout the city where we are performing utilities, roadway and/or sidewalk improvements.”

Once the trail is complete, it will feature decorative landscaping and lighting, making the area both functional and beautiful. For now, work on the highly visible Phase III of the trail continues.

“The Jackson-Remington connecting section makes up a large part of Phase III of the trail,” said Pionessa. “With this section in place, I think the community will better visualize what the finished project will look like and how it will benefit our community.”


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