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About Refuel CNG

The City of Thomasville has experienced great success with its compressed natural gas fleet conversion. During the first year alone, after converting only a portion of its sanitation fleet, the City saved approximately $70,225 by fueling with CNG instead of gasoline or diesel. With this type of success, the City began looking for ways to extend these benefits to our community. The answer was clear: Build Thomasville’s first publicly available CNG fueling station – the Refuel CNG.

The benefits of CNG go far beyond your wallet. Choosing the more cost-effective and cleaner burning CNG as an alternative fueling source helps our community to become better stewards to the environment by greatly reducing vehicle emissions, and it allows us to reduce our dependence on foreign oils by using our own readily available supply of natural gas.

When you use the Refuel CNG Station, your dollars remain in Thomasville, where they are used to help fund improvements, such as new Police and Fire Rescue equipment, improved roadways and sidewalks, and public park enhancements within our community.
As you consider future vehicle purchases, we encourage you to rethink everything you know about traditional fueling sources and to Rethink. Refuel.