Utility Services

The City of Thomasville’s Utility Services department is responsible for collecting meter data for all electric, gas and water customers. In addition to monthly reads, Utility Services is responsible for connections and disconnects of these services. We are dedicated to maintaining efficient and accurate operations and strive for outstanding customer service in all that we do.

The City of Thomasville has installed AMI electric meters at approximately 3,000 customer sites to date and has plans to complete installation of the remaining 12,000 electric meters in our service territory. We are committed to utilizing the latest technologies available to provide remote meter readings, enhance outage response, and provide system reliability. In addition to electric AMI meters, we have committed to installing AMI on our 10,000 water meters and 3500 gas meters, providing similar benefits as electric.

Information collected from AMI meters will be used by the City of Thomasville Utilities in an enhanced outage management system that is already in place in the Utilities Response Center. The information will also be used by billing and customer service departments through our Utility Billing System to provide customer service representatives with the tools and information that will enable them to better serve our customers.

We believe these system enhancements and new technologies truly empower the City of Thomasville’s customers to reduce energy consumption and minimize their carbon footprint all while providing operational cost reduction, better customer service and improved system reliability.