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The City of Thomasville is proud to announce the release of its 2020 Annual Report. This annual report highlights the City’s accomplishments, infrastructure projects, and future initiatives. The City’s new Vision and Mission Statements and messages from City leadership are also highlighted. The City last produced the report in 2017.

“As we look back on 2020, I believe the word ‘unprecedented’ will often be said,” said Alan Carson, City Manager. “The Annual Report allows us to celebrate and honor the many accomplishments of our team while also overcoming the many challenges that were brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“Our entire community should be proud of our city’s accomplishments from the last year, as none of them would be possible without the collaborative efforts between our citizens, community partners, City staff, and City leadership,” said Carson. “Throughout 2020, while amid a pandemic, Thomasville was recognized for multiple awards and designations that would not be possible without a full team effort.”

The pandemic caused many of the city's operations to be modified and various infrastructure projects to be delayed, postponed, or rescheduled until the 2021 fiscal year. “Although many precautions that were implemented in response to Covid did not allow us to begin a variety of infrastructure projects scheduled for 2020, we still accomplished many key projects,” said Carson. “For instance, we were still able to replace 1,700 feet of wastewater gravity mains along, for example. We were also able to begin the early stages of our long-awaited Weston Park improvement project. Each of these projects, along with many others, deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated, which is one of the reasons we felt the time was right to once again deliver an annual report to our community.”

While 2020 was a memorable year, Carson said it is the future of the City that he is excited to pursue. “Our future is bright and this is a very exciting time for Thomasville,” said Carson. “The annual report highlights many of the projects that will shape our community for years to come. Together with our citizens and our customers, I believe we can accomplish many great things in our future.”

Customers are encouraged to stay informed by reviewing the annual report. The 2020 Annual Report is available for review online by visiting or in print by visiting the City Administration Building, located at 111 Victoria Place.


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