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The City of Thomasville will be hosting their annual Spring Clean Event during the month of April.

“We know that April is a popular time for our customers to organize and dispose of household items that aren’t always suitable for our landfill,” stated Jimmy Smith, Solid Waste Superintendent, “For that reason, we host several different drop off events in a few of our beautiful community parks.”

This year’s Spring Clean Event will kick off on April 13 at Parnell Park. There will also be a drop off at Francis Weston Park on April 14, Cherokee Lake Park on April 20 and Flipper Park on April 21. Each park will be open and accepting unwanted items from 10 am to 2 pm.

“Each park will accept unwanted computers, electronics, small appliances, kitchen appliances, mattresses, boxes, batteries, furniture, and the like,” Smith continued, “Cherokee Lake Park will also be our only drop off location for household hazardous material.”

“Hazardous materials have to be disposed of properly because they can pose a threat to human health and our environment,” Smith said, “The City of Thomasville is allowing disposal of household hazardous waste during the Spring Clean event, but only at Cherokee Lake. These items include garden sprays, automotive materials such as transmission fluid and oil, paint, and liquid cleaners.”

The Spring Clean Event is open to all residents in the City of Thomasville. For more information on what will be accepted, please call the City of Thomasville at 229-227-7001.

2019 Spring Clean flyer


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