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Spring Clean flyerThe City of Thomasville Solid Waste Department invites you to spruce up for spring at the annual Spring Clean events to be held on Saturday, April 10th, and Saturday, April 17th. The events are open to all City of Thomasville residents.

“April is a popular time for household spring cleaning projects,” said Jimmy Smith, Solid Waste & Landfill Superintendent. “We host the annual drop-off events to assist our city residents with the disposal of household items that are not suitable for our landfill and that sometimes results in dangerous roadside waste.”

This year’s Spring Clean event will kick off on April 10th at Balfour and Flipper Parks from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. “Each park will accept unwanted computers, gaming consoles, electronics, small and large household appliances, mattresses, box springs, batteries, and furniture,” said Smith. “This is a great opportunity to dispose of items not recommended for inclusion or allowed in your residential refuse container.”

A second Spring Clean date is scheduled for Saturday, April 17th at Francis Weston and Cherokee Lake Parks from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. “On April 17th, Francis Weston Park will be available for our traditional list of accepted disposal items,” said Smith. “In addition to our traditional list of accepted household items, our Cherokee Lake Park location will serve as our only disposal location for hazardous materials such as automotive products, paint products, and household and garden chemicals. When hazardous materials are not properly disposed of, they can pose a threat to human health and our environment.”

“Whether remodeling your home or simply cleaning out the garage, the Spring Clean events can serve your needs,” said Smith. “We encourage citizens to participate and bring their household items for safe and responsible disposal at any of our convenient event locations.”

For more information or a full list of accepted items, please call the City of Thomasville at 229-227-7092 or visit


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