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The City of Thomasville recognizes National Drinking Water Week, by encouraging consumers to realize their tap water is “There When You Need It”. The American Water Works Association (AWWA) will observe Drinking Water Week May 3rd -9th, 2020.

“National Drinking Water Week has been celebrated for more than 40 years by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and its members,” said Chris White, Executive Director of Public Utilities. “The national week of recognition is a unique opportunity for water professionals and the community they serve to join together and recognize the vital role water plays in our everyday lives.”

“This year’s theme, “There When You Need It”, highlights the work water professionals do around-the-clock to ensure high-quality drinking water is always available at your tap, right when you need it.” said White. “It is important to appreciate the infrastructure necessary and role our water professionals play so that our water is safe to use.”

Thomasville’s drinking water comes from a groundwater source known as the Floridan Aquifer that lies below a confining layer of clay that protects the water from contamination. The Aquifer stretches approximately 100,000 square miles below Florida and parts of Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. According to White, “There is an estimated one quadrillion gallons of freshwater in the aquifer that provides us with our local water.”

“The United States has one of the safest drinking water supplies in the world,” said White. “We are thankful and appreciative for all the hard work by our water treatment staff which helps provide Thomasville with one of the best water systems in the state.”


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