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The City of Thomasville’s Water Treatment Plant provides award-winning quality water to Thomasville. Since 2012, City of Thomasville Water Treatment staff members have earned the Gold Award from the Georgia Association for Water Processionals (GAWP) for 100 percent compliance with all Safe Drinking Water Act requirements.

In 2018, the staff exceeded these standards by earning the prestigious Platinum Award, recognizing water facilities that have earned the Gold Award for five consecutive years. Of the approximately 2,600 water systems in Georgia, less than 10 percent were eligible to receive the award in 2018. The award was announced last week by the Georgia Rural Water Association (GRWA), and staff will formally accept the award during this week’s GRWA Conference.

“Clean water is not something to take for granted. The City of Thomasville Water Treatment Department is proud to provide quality water services to Thomasville that meets or exceeds nationally accepted standards,” said Chris Hayes, Director of Utility Operations, “We are even more proud to celebrate this honor during National Drinking Water Week.”

“National Drinking Water Week has been celebrated for more than 40 years by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and its members,” said Chelsie Cosby, Customer Experience Liaison, “It’s a unique opportunity for water professionals and the community they serve to join together and recognize the vital role water plays in our everyday lives.”

“This year, we are pleased to release the 2018 Water Confidence Report to our community during National Drinking Water Week,” said Hayes, “The report highlights our accomplishments and details our infrastructure and systems for the community to better understand.”

The City of Thomasville encourages customers to review the annual report each year, “Understanding where your water comes from and how it’s cleaned for your use and consumption is very important for consumers,” said Cosby.

The 2018 Water Consumer Confidence Report is available for review online by visiting


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