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Thomasville Fire Rescue (TFR) is partnering with the Thomasville Professional Firefighter Association (TPFFA) to raise public awareness for important health issues. In the spirit of TFR’s motto, “Every home. Every life,” the Association is spearheading an effort during the month of November to raise funds for both the Alzheimer’s Association and to also fund TFR’s Community Risk Reduction Program.

“Our purpose in doing this is to raise funds that will help us continue life safety initiatives in our community and also allow us to support national fundraising efforts for Alzheimer’s disease,” said Jasmine Rice, TFR Engineer and fundraising chair for TPFFA. “These funds will be used locally to help us continue our important mission of installing smoke alarms throughout our community.”

TFR has offered the installation of free smoke alarms to homeowners in the community since 2012. They also work diligently to educate the community on important smoke alarm maintenance such as occasional operational tests and battery change outs. Fundraisers such as this help to ensure that there are funds to continue this important life-saving program.

Having smoke alarms in your home can save your life in the event of a fire. However, many times smoke alarms are installed incorrectly or aren’t in working order. “Having your smoke alarm installed by TFR is a way to ensure it’s installed correctly,” Rice said. “More importantly, our Community Risk Reduction Program helps to educate the community in making sure your smoke alarm is functioning at all times.”

Rice said that the Association is currently selling a limited edition purple TFR t-shirt in support of those battling Alzheimer’s disease. “We all know someone who has been affected by this debilitating disease and often feel hopeless when it comes to helping our loved ones,” she said. “My hope is that by selling these shirts, we can raise substantial donations to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association in finding a cure, while also helping to raise funds for our community safety programs.”

In addition to ‘going purple’ in support of Alzheimer’s disease, Rice said that TFR members will also participate locally in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. “While we do not have a local walk in our community, TFR members have committed to walking a route around Station 1 on November 10th to recognize and support the event.” She added that TFR and TPFFA hope to do similar campaigns in the future to continue raising funds for other important health issues and the important Community Risk Reduction Program.

The Alzheimer’s Awareness t-shirts will be available for purchase to the community for $15. They can be purchased from TPFFA by contacting Jasmine Rice at 229-531-9057 or Keifer Barnes at 850-545-4363.


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