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Over the last four years, Thomasville has become a desired backdrop for the independent film industry, with five movies made in Thomas County, attracting award-winning actors to star in those films. Thomasville has experienced success in the film industry and would like to continue that growth.

Filmmaking has the opportunity to use many community resources such as local schools, banks, and neighborhood homes, even businesses, warehouses, and plantations. To make the film production process as smooth as possible, the City of Thomasville has created a film page on their Visit Thomasville website. On the site, filmmakers and citizens can find the film permit application, media production ordinance, and other resources, such as how to list your property as a potential film location or how to become an extra in upcoming projects.

“We have seen a huge increase in local spending and hotel stays during the movie production period, often these film crews are staying in Thomasville for several weeks at a time,” said Bonnie Hayes, Director of Tourism Development. “Our reach is expanding, so we want to make sure Thomasville looks at film making as a viable opportunity for economic development.”

The Department for Economic Development in the State of Georgia has a very attractive incentive for film and television production, posturing the state to become a hub for filmmaking. Projects filmed in Georgia receive a 20% base transferable tax credit and an extra 10% Georgia Entertainment Promotion tax credit if marketing promotion has been met. Marketing promotion may include embedding the Georgia logo in a film’s credits.

“The City of Thomasville wants to make sure the safety and concerns of our businesses and residents are always met,” said Hayes. “Our offices are working to create the best practices for the film industry to follow while here and ways to communicate with our residents to keep them safe and informed. We are building this from the ground up, and we’re always open to ideas and suggestions.”

By logging on to and clicking on the film menu, you will find all the resources and information on why you should pick Thomasville as your next movie destination or how you can become a part of the production process.

For additional information, contact Bonnie Hayes at (229) 227-3365.


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