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The Thomasville Police Department is pleased to announce that they have completed a pledge to enhance trust and collaboration between police and the Thomasville community. The pledge is part of an initiative called the Trust Building Campaign, which was started by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), the world’s largest and most influential professional association for police leaders. To join the Trust Building Campaign, law enforcement agencies must pledge to implement 25 key policies and leading practices within a 36-month period.

Thomasville Police Chief John Letteney made the decision to join the Trust Building Campaign to further emphasize that the success of policing relies on trust from the public.

“I’m proud to continue the IACP’s trust building campaign and demonstrate our commitment in enhancing trust between our organization and our community,” noted Letteney. “Pledging to this campaign signifies our commitment to promote safe police interactions.”

By completing the Trust Building Campaign Pledge, the Thomasville Police Department established policies and trainings, conducted assessments, and developed strategies within six focus areas (bias-free policing; use of force; leadership and culture; recruitment, hiring, and retention; victim services; and community relations) designed to encourage positive community-police partnerships that promote safe, effective interactions, create strategies to prevent and reduce crime, and improve the well being and quality of life for all.

The IACP is encouraged by the efforts of agencies as they incorporate the pledge’s concepts into their everyday operations. When trust building is prioritized, community members and the police benefit from relationships focused on unified visions, goals, and values. Building and rebuilding trust in the community and around the world is critical and must remain a primary objective.

For more information about the Trust Building Campaign, visit the IACP’s website at To learn more about the Thomasville Police Department or to review the Trust Building Campaign document, visit