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The City of Thomasville recently achieved Local Administered Projects (LAP) Certification through the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). This certification means that the City of Thomasville is now certified to locally administer and execute the policies and procedures for Federal and State compliance in order to receive federal funding participation. According to City staff, this certification can be beneficial as the City of Thomasville seeks additional funding sources.

“LAP Certification enables us to pursue and compete for many more transportation related grant opportunities beneficial to our community,” Wayne Newsome, City of Thomasville City Engineer said. “Throughout the next few years, this will allow us to pursue more funding opportunities for current and upcoming projects such as improvements on Remington Avenue.”

Chris White, Executive Director of Public Utilities, said the City of Thomasville is extremely fortunate to receive this designation. “LAP Designation gives the City of Thomasville more control over project administration. This will also allow us better funding opportunities for many necessary and desired projects within the City of Thomasville.”

The City of Thomasville’s LAP certification is valid through September 30, 2022. For more information on the LAP designation, please call the City of Thomasville’s Engineering Department at 229-227-7009.