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In order to assist our citizens, customers and staff with information regarding the spread of COVID-19, the City of Thomasville has launched an informational page on its website “City leadership continues to monitor the situation and as new information becomes available, we feel it is important to keep our community informed,” said Alan Carson, City of Thomasville City Manager.

“The City of Thomasville is here to serve our entire community now and throughout this crisis situation,” Carson said. “In a time such as this, when misinformation is spread quickly to our residents through a variety of platforms, it is important to share information and guide our local community towards credible sources.”

The COVID-19 information page includes a variety of resources that can benefit the entire community. “Residents and businesses wishing to add us to their list of informational resources can visit and click on the red COVID-19 button at the top of the page,” said Sherri Nix, City of Thomasville Public Outreach Manager. Nix said that the page will be updated regularly as pertinent information is made available. “As quickly as we receive information, it will be made available on the page.” Informational resources include:

  • City Operations & Services
  • Public Events
  • Medical Resources
  • Interactive Map with COVID-19 Cases and Status Updates
  • Business and Community Resources
  • City of Thomasville Press Releases related to COVID-19

Nix reminds residents that the City is not the public health organization for our area but that we are here to provide information and guidance. “We recommend that our residents stay up to date on the rapidly changing situation through informational outlets provided by local public health officials, Georgia Department of Public Health and the Center of Disease Control,” said Nix.

The City of Thomasville will release updated information through its website,, as well as social media outlets and CNSNext Channel 6 as it is made available by the CDC, Department of Health and Archbold Memorial Hospital.